Residential apartments with the service of a five-star hotel

Less business and travel - more zest for life. Aston Hall has created the infrastructure of a five-star deluxe hotel: never before has it been so easy to fill your day with entertainment and experience while staying at home.


In the SPA complex, you can forget about business while exercising in a 20-meter pool. Relax with friends in a Finnish sauna or relax in a Turkish hammam. Delegate yourself to a professional massage therapist and fall into the caring hands of beauty salon specialists. Aston Hall SPA-complex has no equal in Odessa — and you will feel it yourself when — weightless and rejuvenated — you return from procedures to your apartments.

The area of ​​Aston Hall SPA complex exceeds two basketball courts, but the time is spent here not at a sports pace. Bliss and rest — these are your disciplines for today.


Whether you want to make lean or gain weight, rehabilitate after a sports injury, or simply get in shape for the beach season — whatever your goals, Aston Hall Fitness Club has the right equipment and programs. There is a cardio theatre and Technogym gym equipment for working with all muscle groups, free weights and table tennis areas, yoga and martial arts rooms.

After moving to Aston Hall, you will be able to continue your classes with your personal instructor — upon your preliminary request, he will be issued an individual pass. And your coach will surely appreciate the equipment of the club: all the equipment here is professional, from the Italian company Technogym. Founded in 1983, Technogym remains at the forefront of fitness progress — supplying equipment for the Olympic Games, World Cup and other global events.


In the era of online cinemas and smart TV, Aston Hall brings back the sensations that made you love cinema as a child. As if you ran away with your classmates from class and went to watch a new action movie.

Unlike city cinemas, you don’t have to adjust to the poster. Residents of the house themselves choose a film in the film library or bring their own film. The main thing is not to forget to book the cinema.


The discussion of serious issues requires a special atmosphere. How about an English club atmosphere? Aston Hall Lounge knows how to seduce people tired of glass meeting rooms with office chairs. Comfortable sofas and billiards — to talk about important things between sets. A cigar room — to surprise the guest of the reserve Gurkha. A wine bar for tasting your favourite vintages to the accompaniment of a grand piano. Working negotiations and meeting friends take on new depth in the classic Aston Hall lounge.


This beach is like a piece of the Cote d’Azur, which was carefully transferred to the Odessa coast and presented to the residents of Aston Hall. The beach area is closed to outsiders: city vacationers will not occupy a 25-meter heated pool with sea water, and your little ones will play heartily in the shallow children’s pool. Relaxed guests can sunbathe on the sun loungers or lie at the edge of the surf on the sandy beach. Friendly companies will appreciate the menus and views from the beach cafe — and celebrate the setting sun with Pina Colada at the cocktail bar. Aston Hall residents can invite guests and personal swim coaches to the beach.


Wake up to the aroma of coffee and croissants. Dine with niçoise salad and bouillabaisse. Have a romantic dinner with Roquefort and Sauternes. To master the French art de vivre, you do not have to buy tickets to Nice — just go down to the ground floor of the Aston Hall. A French confectionery and a restaurant work here: they will become an integral part of life for you and a new place of attraction for Odessa gourmets.


Aston Hall will keep the little ones entertained while you enjoy the sea and the city. The game club of the complex is designed for 20 children — all ages have fun here. In the sunny playroom, constructors are assembled, dinners for dolls and toy car races are held. Professional teachers work in creativity rooms. And when the little ones get tired, a quiet hour in the soundproofed bedroom with comfortable beds will be arranged for them. Kindergarteners monitor the safety and development of babies — but you can send a child to play with his own nanny.


It’s good when you have a trusted person to deal with everyday issues. Better yet, if this person is not on your payroll. Aston Hall concierges are just like that — they take care of your tasks for our money.

They not only control the order in the complex and in its territory, solve technical problems and warmly welcome your guests — but they also do everything to make your life in Aston Hall cloudless. They can accept correspondence and meet a courier with an online order. They will book a cinema and SPA at a convenient time for you. Organize a children’s birthday party or a training session with an instructor. They will take your clothes to a dry cleaner. They will tell you where they make especially delicious rolls or cakes for fans of proper nutrition in Odessa.


Chekhov considered happy those who did not notice whether it was now summer or winter. Aston Hall is practical about creating this kind of happiness. On the underground floors of the complex, 80 kellers are designed — rooms for individual storage of things that you will need only for the next season. You do not need to store winter wheels and summer beach umbrellas in your apartment. You will not stumble over the Christmas tree in March and look for a sup-board in October. The area of kellers is 4 or 6 square meters — enough to move all seasonal items out of the home.


Aston Hall sets new standards for rest not only for its residents — but also for their staff. Guards and drivers do not have to wait for bosses in their cars — the complex has a separate lounge area, with sofas and a kitchenette, where the service becomes not a burden, but a joy. This staff room is located on the same floor as the parking lot: the security and driver will be back in service before you leave the elevator.


Aston Hall energizes not only its residents but also their cars. All the spaces in the underground parking of the complex are equipped with chargers for electric cars. There are 270 parking spaces in total on three levels of parking. Residents of the complex can immediately go up from the parking to their apartment by elevator and not change elevators in the lobby. The exit to the city is carried out through a tunnel – you drive under the Odessa terrenkur "Health Track" and find yourself on French Boulevard.