Aston Hall is the result of a great idea, modern engineering solutions, accurate calculation, advanced technologies, the fruit of cooperation between leading companies of Ukraine, Germany and the USA.


The panoramic glazing project for the Aston Hall complex was developed by the German company Schüco. Its specialists used a special aluminum profile, previously not used in Ukraine, and GUARDIAN high-strength triple multifunctional double-glazed windows (USA). This design is resistant to mechanical damage and weathering, energy-efficient and fire-resistant, and most importantly - it provides perfect sound insulation.

German scrupulousness also ensures the durability of the facades. For its finishing, Alpolic composite non-combustible panels and Moeding ceramic facing plates (Germany) were used.


Air conditioning of the apartments is provided by the Daikin multi-zone VRV system (Japan). In addition to a multi-zone air conditioner, each apartment is equipped with a supply and exhaust system from Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH (Germany). Its own boiler room is equipped with four German Viessmann modern boilers - the complex does not depend on the city schedule for supplying and cutting off heat, and the residents of Aston Hall do not depend on their neighbors: Danfoss individual thermostats (Denmark) are installed in each apartment.


The six Schindler high-speed elevators are precise and flawless in operation - like everything Swiss. Each elevator is equipped with a fire safety system, video surveillance and emergency communication with the emergency dispatch service. The elevator shafts are designed so as not to cause inconvenience with noise - they are as far away from the apartments as possible, and the elevators in them move absolutely silently.


A complete rest is impossible without a sense of security. This is why the engineers of the Aston Hall complex paid special attention to fire safety. The complex is equipped with NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH modern fire protection system (Germany). It constantly monitors all internal systems and premises of Aston Hall, including the operation of elevators. In case of an emergency, the system turns on the sound, sends a signal to the emergency control panel - and starts local fire extinguishing. Each floor and apartment are equipped with fire hydrants and hoses. All doors in the complex - including the doors of the apartments - have a high degree of fire resistance.


More than 200 video cameras with a face recognition system monitor the public spaces of the complex and the territory adjacent to Aston Hall. The images from all cameras are displayed on a video wall in the control room - a guard on duty is watching it around the clock.

This eliminates the unauthorized appearance of unauthorized persons in the complex - and provides privacy for residents and guests of Aston Hall.


Aston Hall energizes not only its residents but also their cars. More than 50 spaces in the underground parking of the complex are equipped with chargers for electric cars. There are 270 parking spaces in total on three levels. Residents of the complex can immediately go up from the parking lot to their apartment by elevator - and not change elevators in the lobby. You exit the complex to the city through a tunnel - you pass under the Odessa Health Trail and find yourself on French Boulevard.


The world has never been as transparent as it is today. And the places where privacy remains the highest priority become more valuable. Aston Hall is one of these rarities. Open only to its residents, equipped with modern security systems, it allows you to be yourself and enjoy the company of people with similar values ​​and views. The territory of Aston Hall is private, its sea beach is accessible to the members only. It is convenient to meditate here with a view of the sea - and indulge in thoughts under the shade of palm trees. It is pleasant to sunbathe here on a private beach - and be calm for the children frolicking in the pool. In Aston Hall, the world is transparent to you - and completely impenetrable to the people on the other side of the walls.