Aston Hall is the result of a great idea, modern engineering solutions, accurate calculation, advanced technologies, the fruit of cooperation between leading companies of Ukraine, Germany and the USA.


The panoramic glazing project for Aston Hall was developed by the German company Schüco. Its specialists used a special aluminum profile, previously not used in Ukraine, and high-strength triple multifunctional double-glazed windows GUARDIAN (USA), the glass thickness of which is 10-8-10 mm. This construction is resistant to mechanical damage and atmospheric impact, energy-efficient and fire-resistant, and the most important is that it provides perfect soundproofing.

Aston Hall's priority is fire protection and a flawless facade look. That is why the building has a hinged ventilated facade cladding with Moeding porcelain tiles 30 mm thick, 300 mm high and Alpolic A2 aluminum composite panels 4 mm thick. They provide soundproofing, thermal insulation and fire safety for a ventilated façade – the ideal solution for a building where beauty and functionality are a priority.


Air conditioning of the apartments is provided by the Daikin multi-zone VRV system (Japan). In addition to a multi-zone air conditioner, each apartment is equipped with a supply and exhaust system from Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH (Germany). Its own boiler room is equipped with four German Viessmann modern boilers - the complex does not depend on the city schedule for supplying and cutting off heat, and the residents of Aston Hall do not depend on their neighbors: Danfoss individual thermostats (Denmark) are installed in each apartment.


Six high-speed Schindler elevators are precise and flawless in work - like everything Swiss. Each elevator is equipped with a fire safety system, video surveillance and emergency communication with the emergency dispatch service. At the same time, one elevator is absolutely fireproof and completely isolated from the main group of elevators in a separate shaft. The main elevator shafts are designed so as not to cause inconvenience with noise - they are as far away from the apartments as possible, and the elevators in them move absolutely silently.


A complete rest is impossible without a sense of security. This is why the engineers of the Aston Hall complex paid special attention to fire safety. The complex is equipped with NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH modern fire protection system (Germany). It constantly monitors all internal systems and premises of Aston Hall, including the operation of elevators. In case of an emergency, the system turns on the sound, sends a signal to the emergency control panel - and starts local fire extinguishing. Each floor and apartment are equipped with fire hydrants and hoses. All doors in the complex - including the doors of the apartments - have a high degree of fire resistance.


Aston Hall is the first complex in Odessa that uses a busbar system for power distribution and lighting load. Canalis busbar trunking is a part of Schneider Electric's comprehensive offering and provides increased safety for equipment and people, continuity of power supply, upgradeability and ease of use.

The Canalis busbar trunking design with densely spaced conductors in a metal housing reduces the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields and is absolutely safe for people.


In today's unstable public utilities environment, we took care that you can enjoy life in Aston Hall without feeling these inconveniences. To provide this, we equipped the complex with a reliable diesel power plant of FG Wilson backup power source, with a capacity of 1.2 MW.

The main advantages of the FG Wilson diesel generator are compactness, quiet operation and the highest consumer qualities – durability, profitability, high quality of generated electricity, quick load acceptance, as well as the ability to autostart without operator participation.


An integrated approach for the reliable and safe operation of the water supply infrastructure is one of the most important tasks, for a high-quality solution of which Wilo pumping equipment is installed in all engineering systems of Aston Hall. We have installed the only sewage pumping station in Ukraine from the point of view of use in housing construction with a unique closed-type system. The water supply is provided by three automatic pumping units with integrated frequency control of each pump, and the integrated fire extinguishing systems are selected taking into account individual requirements. The efficiency of the equipment is supported by redundant pumping groups, switching to which is carried out in automatic mode. All pumping systems in the complex are connected to the dispatching system (BMS), which makes it possible to monitor the equipment.


More than 200 video cameras with a face recognition system monitor the public spaces of the complex and the territory adjacent to Aston Hall. The images from all cameras are displayed on a video wall in the control room - a guard on duty is watching it around the clock.

This eliminates the unauthorized appearance of unauthorized persons in the complex - and provides privacy for residents and guests of Aston Hall.